This document describes the terms and conditions for using the www website . ecurate . md , as well as the terms of purchase of products and services sold through the site. The privacy policy, returns and any other documents constitute the contents of this document, hereinafter referred to as the “User Agreement”.

Access and use of the website www . ecurate . md are only permitted with full agreement and strict compliance with the terms and conditions set out in these terms of use.

" Pin - Clean " SRL reserves the right at any time and at its own discretion to make changes to these terms without the need to first notify site users. The changes made come into force from the moment of publication on the website and apply only to those orders that went on sale starting from the date of publication .

General provisions:

1. The site is owned and administered by “ Pin - Clean ” SRL, IDNO 1007600045760, MD 2075 mun . Chisinau , bd . Mircea cel Batran 34, ap 123.

By ordering products through the online store, the client agrees to the terms of sale of goods (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) set out below.

2. These conditions, as well as information about products presented on the site, are a public offer in accordance with Article 681 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova and Law no. 284 on electronic commerce. The buyer, having read the text of these terms of sale, agrees by checking the box “ By confirming the order, I accept the terms of the user agreement .”

3. The relationship between the client and the supplier is considered in accordance with the Law No. _ 105 of March 13, 2003 on the protection of consumer rights and other legal acts adopted in accordance with them.

4. The Supplier reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions, and therefore the client undertakes to regularly monitor changes.

Under these conditions, the client instructs the supplier to manufacture and deliver the ordered products, and undertakes to pay for delivery services and the cost of the ordered products.

The terms of use are:

1. When placing an order, the client expresses his intention to receive the supplier’s products and services and pay for them.

2. The client provides the supplier with reliable information about himself.

3. The supplier reserves the right to verify any information provided by the client.

4. User registration data falls under the provisions of the legislation on trade secrets and on the protection of personal data of the Republic of Moldova.

5. The supplier undertakes to block access to personal information provided by the client to third parties.

6. The supplier undertakes to deliver the order, or provide the order to the client, if he is the last to pick it up.

7. The client undertakes to pay for the products and services of the supplier.

8. The Client agrees that all services are provided “as is” and that the supplier, while making every effort to fulfill the order, cannot absolutely guarantee the quality of services that are not protected from malfunctions and failures. Certain circumstances, primarily technical failures, may make it difficult to complete an order. The user agrees that www . ecurate . md is not responsible for failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or non-safety of any user personal information, as well as for failures in the operation of payment systems. The client can independently place an order on the website or by calling the Contact Center: +373 61050708; +373 68684449.

10. When placing an order, the client can pay for services in the following ways:

- pay for the order at the time of receipt, in cash, or by other methods provided by the website www . ecurate . md , directly upon receipt of the order;

- pay on-line on the Site with a VISA/ MasterCard bank card , through the PayNet wallet , through other payment systems connected on the website www . ecurate . md . The write-off amount is the cost of products and delivery services;

- all payments between the parties are carried out in the national currency of the Republic of Moldova (in Moldovan lei).

11. If the user refuses the order due to violation of the terms of sale of the product or in case of discrepancy in product quality, etc., the user is obliged to inform www.ecurat.md by e-mail to the address: ecurat within 12 hours from the time of delivery/receipt of the order .md@mail.ru, about your refusal to order, indicating the reason and providing other documentary data justifying the refusal, as well as providing documents confirming payment for the order and demanding replacement of the ordered products (if possible) or a refund of the money paid. Refunds will only be made to the original payment method.

12. Refunds are made within 7 (seven) days from the date of payment for the order www . ecurate . md . A period of 7 days is required for “confirmation of the payment system request for a refund” *

*Note – “receiving funds to the client’s account may take longer, depending on the type of payment system and the operator of the client’s account/wallet”

13. After 12 (twelve) hours and in case of non-receipt of www . ecurate . md notifications from the client about the refusal of the order and the return of funds, the order is considered completed, the funds for it are not refundable.

14. www . ecurate . md has the right to refuse the user to place an order with any form of payment ("cash" or " on-line payment", etc.), if the user's previously placed orders were not delivered due to his fault. (For example, if the user did not open the door or did not answer the call to the courier when delivering the order, or the user specified a non-existent delivery address, etc.)

15. The Client confirms that he will not use the services for illegal, unlawful purposes, and will not allow third parties to do so. While using the services, the client guarantees that he complies with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.

16. The Client agrees to go through the ordering procedure on the site, providing truthful, accurate and complete information about himself on the questions asked in the “Place an Order” form, agreeing to the terms of use, by confirming the item “By confirming the order, I accept the terms of the user agreement ” .

17.If the Client provides false information, www . ecurate . md has the right to suspend or cancel the order.

18. The client agrees that all orders placed by him through the site are authorized and subject to payment.

19. The client, by using the site, confirms his consent to receive, using the contact information he has provided, informational messages, as well as advertising, in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Moldova on advertising No. 1227 of 06.1997.

20. By placing an order, the client confirms that he has read all the provisions of the “User Agreement”, understands all the conditions, agrees to their implementation and grants the supplier the rights set forth in the “User Agreement”, and undertakes to pay for his order

Privacy Policy

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